2013 Natural Red Agate jewelry gemstone


Red agate meaning

This agate is connected with the chakra of the root. It assists woman who are beginning menopause and helps to progress through it. It supports uterine fibroids, and assists with heavy blood flow, gaining weight, and compilations related to hysterectomies. It also helps with accepting change of both the physical and emotional variety as it relates to aging. Finally, it helps users to recognize and take their power as a Crone.

About Agates

1. Color

It’s not mean the redder the better for red agates, most of the agates are tangerine or dark red. Affected by the shooting light, the agates on the images will be look more transparent than the agates in the nature light.

Image             VS           Image

Incandescent bulb Light: Light get through fully, The highlights be shown obviously.

Nature light: The highlights is not obvious because the light can’t get though fully.

2. Rating

The agates are divided into A grade agates and AB grade agates. The A grade agate is rounded, transparent and color pure. We promised that the products we sell are made of the A grade agates.


A grade: rounded, transparent and color pure

AB grade: Worse color and permeability

Warm tip:

It’s normal for the agates to be looks color different. And, it’s for this reason to indicate that it is natural. Somebody may be wonder what kind of the color is for the red agates best. Actually, it’s hard to answer the question because the value of the red agate is not determined by the color of it. Every agate is beautiful in its own way with different colors.


Materials: Natural Agate, 925 Sterling Silver, Olive nucleus, Ivory nut

Dimensions: Perimeter of chain is 70 cm, Diameter of agate beads is 6mm.

Elastic Tether: High quality Elastic Tether which is suitable for different wrists.

Gemstone colors: red

Usage: sweater chain, necklaces, bracelet